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In our erotic party circle there are a few simple rules of the game that you have to pay attention to to make it possible for you and everyone else to enjoy a pleasant, sophisticated and erotic stay.

  • No means no and must be accepted by everyone at all times.

  • Cleanliness and hygiene is written "BIG" in our club and we ask you to pay attention to this as well.

  • Commercial ladies, unkempt persons and drunken persons have no access to our club. Likewise persons under 18 years. In case of doubt, the ID must be presented.

  • The possession and / or use of drugs leads to report to the police and a home ban!

  • Women are forbidden to bring constantly different men so that the man only has to pay the entrance fee as a couple.

  • A couple only counts, which also acts as a couple. This not only includes the common coming and going.
    When we notice that this rule is violated, they will no longer count as a couple and the husband will have to pay immediately. Just to get the discounted ticket price is the smuggling of benefits and is also extremely unfair to the right couples and correctly paid men.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you wear in your club?

Unfortunately we can not allow street clothes, but otherwise your fantasies have no limits. You are welcome in pretty underwear or lingerie. While you want the experience of beautiful wellness hours in our club, this is also possible with a towel or even "nude".


Do you have to bring something?

Except good mood ... nothing! We take care of your good feeling , since it always concerns an all-inclusive admission price. For our guests we alqays offer fresh towels, flip-flops and toiletries. Furthermore condoms are available everywhere for you.


How do I behave?

With an open nature, a friendly being and a well-groomed appearance you are at the right address in our club and you will quickly find contact with like-minded people.


I have never been to a swinger club. What is there for me to consider?

You would like the experience of something else than loud discos or boring bars ???
You want to experience crackling eroticism and hot conversations with nice people ???
You are looking for easy and uncomplicated sex with others who are looking for the same ???
Or do you just want to enjoy relaxing spa hours and watch the bustle of others ???
Then you are exactly right in our club!!!
There is not much to note for you, which is not already in the other rules and FAQ. Dare to step on us, let yourself be enchanted by our ambience and enjoy life...


Can I pay by credit card or debit card and is that discrete?

The payment with debit card is possible and will of course be charged discreetly. When you pay with debit card payment there is not Swinger Oasis on the bank statement. The payee is a neutral person and the purpose is "Thank you"
Payment by credit card is not possible.


Is everything really inclusive and can I drink as much as I want?

Yes, it's all inclusive. The use of our spacious wellness area, all drinks (except champagne, cocktails and Red Bull), as well as the buffet. Furthermore at any time towels, flip-flops, toiletries and condoms are ready for you.
Of course you can drink as much as you want. But that does not mean that you can "get drunk" with us. Our barmaids will make sure that the alcohol level is normal at all times. Drunk persons will not get alcohol. We are a swingers club / couple club and no pub. Drunk people have no chance here anyway.


Your question not here ???? Please contact us by mail:

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